The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Psychological Warfare

I'm not one who normally looks for a deeper meaning, but dealing with Wes sometimes causes you to examine things more closely than normal.  Sometimes I will receive odds and ends that are exactly that. Then comes packages like you will see below.  Some of the contents made me laugh, while others made me wonder. 

Before we get started I'm taking applications for part time help in sorting cards.  Extra attention will be given to resumes that feature an industrial engineering background. I need help making room. 
 The hockey stick I received was round two, but must have shipped from one of Wes's secret lairs closer to Morgantown.
 Wes is likely putting the USPS in the black this year.

The face of pure evil.
I'm expecting Wes to send me a treadmill in the mail if clue 1 is "Endurance." 
 Cactus Jack koozie.
 Seems innocent enough.  I'll remind you again that all this was stuck in one priority mail box.

 Curse you Wes.
 These are pretty cool!
 Lots of comics featuring destruction.  I think I can read between the lines here.....
 The Punisher seems fitting.
 Lots of comics.
 This one had me scratching my head.  I've never seen this movie.  I'm totally expecting Bob Walk to knock on my door and say that Wes had paid him to come watch The Debt with me.

Last but not least is some hockey.  Lots of good Pens to be found in this set.

Not pictured is a whole bunch of cards that I need to scan. It was probably at least 500.

What the hell is going on Wes? Here is my current state in gif form.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Got a Drake's...Some Coke...Some Burger King

John Miller has long been one of my favorite trade partners.  His trade packages feature great variety often times with an emphasis on cards from time periods that are rarely traded. This most recent installment from John was an absolute blast to look through.   I scanned a ton of the contents just to add extra emphasis on the fantastic variety. 

The parrot has evolved a decent amount over the years.
Anytime I see Drake's my mind goes here.....

Before I started blogging my biggest holes in my collection were vintage and oddballs.  Thanks to generous traders like John those collections have become much more well rounded.

What a collection of players in the Coke set. Nice sampling of the uniform combos of the era.

I think I've been to a Burger King once in the last 10 years.  I think we can all agree the cards are better than the food.

That is it for the oddballs.  Now for some crazy variety spanning 20 + years.

I liked Fleer Tradition minus the crazy big nameplate.
I like that the "M" is in a shield.  Flair exudes classiness.
Seems like I've been mentioning Topps Total a lot lately.  Bring it back Topps!

I scout once described Chad Hermansen as being able to walk on water......Still a really cool card though.
Give me ALL the manager cards.

Mike LaValliere for the win.
Fleer Excel is pretty much the 90's version of Topps Pro Debut.  Complete with graffiti effect.
Being a fan of the minor league game I absolutely love seeing all the different uniforms.
I'm pretty sure I have to complete team set of the "Snow Topps" now.  That one was built completely by blind trade!

UD Forty Man sighting!
Masumi Kuwata!  He only pitched in 19 games for the Pirates, but it generated a lot of press from the Japanese media.  It was short lived as he was DFA'd a couple months after making his debut.
Classic Clippings was kind of a weird set, but I always liked the base cards.  They seemed like an insert card.
One of the more unique and funny sets ever made.

/pours one out for Cole
Luplow has a chance to make the team out of Spring Training this year if the Pirates don't sign a late free agent.  He doesn't have many cards out there so this was a cool addition.

Need proof that some of the UD sets had big/cool checklists look no further than this Tyler Yates card. A fringe middle reliever getting the cardboard treatment! Love it.
Now these bring me back.  I remember getting so excited for SI Kids cards when I was a kid.  

That was a ton of great cards John.  Really appreciate you hitting me a surprise envelope.  Now I need to find something cool to hit you back with.  

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Trade: Baseball Card Breakdown

Gavin and I only trade a few times a year, but we swing for the fences when we do finally pull the trigger. I always enjoy finding something unique for his collection as he has a ton of interests which makes the possibilities endless.  He must have been ready for me this time around as I received a return package just a few days after my package had arrived.

SPANKY!!! Leaf went a little crazy with serial numbered buybacks of the non autos, but knocked the auto checklist out of the park.

Obviously when I think stud professional athlete Mike LaValliere is near the top of the list.  Just look at him! The guy is a legend.
In terms of Pirates the Fan Favorites auto set has been missing more than hitting.  Jason Kendall definitely deserves the distinction of fan favorite.  He and Brian Giles made a lot of bad Pirate teams watchable.
I've been adding a lot of Cole Tucker cards recently.  He is a former first round pick that has battled injuries for the better part of two of the last 3 seasons.  Lately he has been regaining the prospect status, so I'm trying to fill out the collection a little more before prices go up.
Topps Marquee was a one and done set so you don't see too many cards being passed around the blogs. I was pumped to see this Wagner.

This is a drunken miscut scan 1/1!

I believe Wilson had been the longest tenured Pirate in the last 20 years until Cutch tied it last season.  Always one of my favorite Buccos to collect.

I always love showing this card as the photo is actually Aramis Ramirez...not Gregory Polanco.  The funny thing is Topps screwed this up on multiple releases when the reused this same image.  ERROR!
This is a green tint variation.  I'm admittedly bad at recognizing variations.  This comes out even more in sets like Heritage.  Gum stains, reverse photos etc.  If anything it has caused me to slow down a little bit when I open packs, which is a good thing.
I'm not sure what these care called, but I've seen these on eBay.  They must be some type of prototype, but not sure of the official name.   Either way I'm happy to have a unique Al Martin.
/25 mini from DK!
JUMBO cards!

Up next is a bunch of high end base and refractor goodness.  Gavin must have hit the refractor gold mine at a show.
Former WV Black Bear Kevin Newman.
So much shiny!!!
Friend of mine went to high school with Don Kelly.  He was a local Pittsburgh kid, but ended up carving out a career for himself with the Tigers.
Gavin was nice enough to pick up some Steelers.  Love the Bettis even though the card makes it look like he played in the 1950's.

Another aspect of the trade that was really exciting was that Gavin found a bunch of Jerry West cards for me.  West is WVU's most famous athlete and an NBA legend.  Always super excited to get some new cards of the logo.

Hard to pick a favorite here.  If I had to choose I would pick the young looking photo from the Rookies and Stars set.

Thanks so much for the cards Gavin.  Always enjoy our swaps.  Hopefully I can hit you back sooner than later.  The Padres system is getting pretty deep so I'm sure I can find some Bowman cards for you at some point.

Thanks for reading.